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The Ecoflix Mission and Vision

Ecoflix is wholly owned by the Ecoflix Foundation. Via our programming, our primary goal is to educate, inspire and support meaningful actions which will deliver a tangible, measurable difference to help save animals and restore the planet. At the same time, we aim to become the most trusted, ‘go-to’ media source for information, science and inspiration on climate change, whilst performing a crucially active role in saving animals and stabilizing the planet.

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We ‘pay it forward’ with our NGO partners and non-profit mission. 100% of your membership fees for the channel go to the NGO you choose. Discover how you can make a real impact by becoming a member of Ecoflix and an instant Changemaker.

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Ecoflix is so much more than rich enlightening and informative content. We hope to lead by example as we do our best to make a difference across multiple wildlife and conservation projects.
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The Last Stand | Ecoflix Original

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Saving The Dancing Bears

For over 400 years, in India, the rare Sloth Bear was targeted for human exploitation…first for the emperors, then as roadside entertainment for villagers and tourists who paid to watch the bears jump, conditioned after years of abuse by trainers.
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