About Ecoflix

Jointly owned by The Ecoflix Foundation UK and The Ecoflix Foundation US, Ecoflix is the world’s first not-for-profit media group, dedicated to saving animals and the planet.

At Ecoflix no one profits except animals and the planet.

Our passion is protecting wildlife and the natural world. It is our mission to educate, inspire and support meaningful actions which will deliver a tangible, measurable difference in saving animals and restoring the planet.

Our goal is to provide audiences with the latest information as well as uplifting, factual content to provide a daily shot of hope and inspiration, empowering viewers to take action.

We aim to become the most trusted, ‘go-to’ media source for information, science and inspiration on conservation and climate change.

We want to champion current eco-campaigns with 100 percent of our membership fees, donations and profits going to support ongoing wildlife and conservation efforts. 

Our priority pillars are: Animal Welfare and Safeguarding; Habitat Preservation; and Habitat Restoration.

To help drive change, Ecoflix works closely with other NGOs so that we can maximise resources and efforts to make a difference.


100 percent of Ecoflix membership fees go directly to fund crucial non-profit conservation initiatives to save animals and the planet.

Ecoflix overheads and productions are NOT funded by membership fees.

We have two bank accounts for full transparency: one for overheads paid by corporate partners and other revenue streams, and one for conservation funded by public membership fees/donations.

We partner with NGOs supporting animals and the planet, and give them 100 percent of membership fees when chosen by an Ecoflix member.

The remaining balance of membership fees also goes to Ecoflix conservation initiatives across the globe.

While contributing to global conservation projects, member benefits include free access to:

  • Productions sharing the latest information about climate change and our animals
  • A like-minded interactive global community
  • The top NGOs across the world and their insights
  • Ecoflix funded conservation campaigns updates and progress reports
  • Diverse campaigns saving animals and the planet that may be of interest

NGO Partner benefits include:

  • 100 percent of all member fees are donated to an NGO selected at check-out by members
  • Opportunity for global distribution of NGO owned films
  • Public exposure on the Ecoflix Website
  • Opportunity to partner with Ecoflix on non-profit campaigns
  • Co-marketing opportunities


Not-for-profit media group dedicated to saving wildlife and the natural world with a circle of giving.

Streamer that allows viewers to upload their own content.

Streaming platform that is 100% tax deductible in the USA and qualifies for Gift Aid in the UK.

Streaming platform that donates all membership fees and profits directly to help save animals and the planet.

Why was Ecoflix formed?

Ecoflix was created to unite those who care about animals and the planet. It aims to provide information, inspiration, and hope to better our natural world and those that inhabit it. 100 percent of our membership fees, donations and profits are used to help NGOs, animals and the planet.

How is Ecoflix funded?

Ecoflix is funded through founding grants and commercial partnerships.

How does Ecoflix US and Ecoflix UK work together

Ecoflix Foundation US (Ecoflix US) has now formed a new ‘sister’ charity, Ecoflix Foundation UK (Ecoflix UK) registered charity number 1200441.  Ecoflix UK and Ecoflix US work together with a shared remit – to save animals and the planet. Both have access to, and share, resources on the Ecoflix digital platform as well as share social media channels.  Each supports organisations with similar remits in their own territories as well as internationally, with the focus of Ecoflix UK working with charitable bodies to further its charitable purposes.    Both provide schools in their own territories and across the world with free access while supporting national curriculums.   Each Ecoflix organisation is an independent legal entity with its own board and governed by the relevant legislation in its own jurisdiction and will carry out separate work programs in its own areas as well as working together to pursue its shared vision and values. 

How does Ecoflix give back?

We give back in multiple ways. We donate 100 percent of every membership to the NGOs selected by our members as they sign up. We also raise awareness about what our partner NGOs are doing, and support multiple non-profit missions through our media platforms.

How does Ecoflix decide what causes to support?

Our impact team makes assessments based on a range of criteria including urgency, need, recommendations, and track record.

How does Ecoflix partner NGOs benefit?

When you join and become a member, we email you a link through which you can decide which of our affiliate NGOs receive a donation from Ecoflix. We donate 100 percent of your membership to the NGO partner of your choice.

Does Ecoflix accept film submissions?

Anyone with a film they would like to distribute on Ecoflix can contact us at submissions@ecoflix.com. We hope to amplify the voice of everyone who wants to make a positive difference for animals and the planet.

What is a Changemaker?

Anyone who joins Ecoflix becomes a Changemaker. Your membership fee goes directly to crucial conservation causes.

What is a Founding Member?

Founding Members are those who signed up to Ecoflix before 31st January 2022. So long as those members do not cancel, or let their membership lapse for whatever reason, they will benefit from special privileges as we grow. This includes locking their membership fees at our launch rates for life.