Ape Alliance

About our NGO partner

The Ape Alliance is a loose coalition of around 100 organisations and several hundred individuals, all concerned about the conservation and welfare of gibbons, gorillas, chimpanzees, bonobos and orangutans.  Many members are also concerned about other primates, such as monkeys and lemurs, as well as the myriad species that share their natural habitat.  Founded in 1996 when Ian Redmond convened a round-table meeting at the Royal Geographical Society in London, the Ape Alliance provides a framework for international collaboration.  Working Groups publish reports and coordinate action to tackle the main threats facing apes – hunting, illegal wildlife trade, habitat loss, disease, industrial agriculture, mining, etc. – and the solutions that will ensure they continue to play their role as keystone species, #GardenersoftheForest, in globally important ecosystems that provide benefits to us all.

For more information, links to member organisations and how to get involved, visit www.4apes.com

“Every local extinction is a loss to humanity, a loss to the local community and an irreparable hole torn in the ecology of the planet.”

Ian Redmond OBE, Chairman, Ape Alliance, from the campaign 2001 - An Ape Odyssey.