Conservation Without Borders

About our NGO partner

Conservation Without Borders creates networks to connect individuals, communities, businesses and government with frontline conservation and climate action, attracting resources and support. We plan and execute expeditions which follow the paths of migratory species, crossing the lines of both geographical and political borders. By displaying the flyway from air, land, and sea in a multimedia format, we hope to highlight the importance of collective action in the fight against climate change and biodiversity collapse.

Conservation without Borders uses the lens, stories and geographical scope of migrating animals to bring people from different walks of life together to uncover problems and find long-term solutions. We record and share our work through powerful, inspiring imagery and story. We work with innovators and change-makers, whoever and wherever, big or small, to drive global change.

What we do at Conservation Without Borders

Revelations & Joy

Expeditions with migratory birds and seeing the world through their eyes, whether flying with them, exploring the wetlands they use from underwater, or meeting people on the ground, give many revelations not only into the lives of birds, but also into ours. Their journeys are stunning but also shocking. They have brought joy, and tears.

This unique perspective has allowed Conservation Without Borders to develop, in collaboration with experts and partners around the world, an innovative approach – solving our big challenges one slice of the planet, or flyway, at a time. And we would like your support to scale it up.