Earth League International

About our NGO partner

Earth League International is an innovative non-governmental organization that fights environmental/wildlife crime by merging the worlds of conservation, intelligence, investigation, research, analysis, and media production.

As pioneers in the use of professional intelligence applied to environmental crime, and with a significant track record, we have been working with top professionals from various fields, including conservation, intelligence, investigation, analysis, geospatial intelligence, technology and media, to create the First Intelligence Agency for Earth, a unique bold new entity capable of fighting Environmental/Wildlife Crime at the highest possible level.

At its core, Earth League International applies professional intelligence expertise to disrupt the proliferation of Environmental/Wildlife crime around the world. We identify and investigate the most important environmental criminals and wildlife traffickers in the world, we research their networks, the links to Transnational Organized Crime,  and the Criminal Convergence with other serious crimes, such as money laundering, human smuggling and drugs. We target transnational criminal organizations linked to environmental crime, international traffickers, middlemen and corrupt government officials.

Intelligence is the knowledge – ideally the foreknowledge – that leads to the understanding of criminal network systems which is vitally important for our partners, and governmental authorities to identify points of interdiction, to operationally disrupt the criminal systems, and to safeguard people and wildlife.
The intelligence-led approach is needed to integrate the more traditional “reactive” conservation models with a more proactive, impactful, and disruptive approach.