Elephant Guardians of Los Angeles

About our NGO partner

Elephant Guardians of Los Angeles is dedicated to the elephants held in the Los Angeles Zoo.

Elephant Guardians are working towards the release of Billy, Tina, Jewel, and Shaunzi to sanctuary. They stand in solidarity with the Earth and all of her inhabitants and support freedom, dignity, and self-determination for wildlife everywhere.

The Elephant Guardians of Los Angeles was founded by two public school teachers in 2015 to address the issue of elephant captivity in Los Angeles, California, USA. Research indicates that elephants do not thrive in captivity and experience physical, mental, and psychological suffering and premature death.

Currently, four Asian Elephants are held in the Los Angeles Zoo. The three females, Tina (born 1966), Jewel (born 1964) and Shaunzi (born 1970) were formerly in the circus industry. Billy (born 1985 in Malaysia) has been held in the zoo since 1989. These elephants have lived long enough in the service of humans and deserve to retire to appropriate sanctuary environments where they can live out their lives in relative peace, security, privacy and dignity.

In support of this NGO, the Ecoflix team is campaigning to secure the release of Billy the elephant in Los Angeles with Free Billy, the first original documentary to be released worldwide on Ecoflix.

Elephant Guardians of Los Angeles

Our Mission

“Elephants, highly intelligent and socially complex individuals, are a keystone species essential to the ecosystems they inhabit. Their enormous needs can only be met within their extensive communities and with hundreds of miles to roam and forage.

“It is time to focus our resources on preserving the remaining wild spaces left for elephants and all wild ones before it is too late and they are gone forever.”

— Kiersten Cluster