Gentle Giants

About our NGO partner

The goal of Gentle Giants Elephants is to help awaken sleeping hearts and minds, to give captive elephants a better way of life, while systematically helping their mahouts (caretakers) find a new, profitable, ethical and humane way of living with elephants.

The Mission of Gentle Giants Elephants

As Elephant populations are dwindling, the need for conservation is becoming more imperative. Gentle Giants Elephants works with elephant owners and mahouts to find peaceful ways of coexisting with these animals and also finding a way to ensure that the mahouts earn enough money.

By fostering the right opportunities for elephants to live in their own habitats, community-based organizations can help to give elephants a better life while benefiting not only elephants and mahouts, but also their communities.

The Gentle Giants NGO will work with anyone who helps to enrich the elephants’ well-being and protect the elephants’ natural habitat.