Hopefield Animal Sanctuary

About our NGO partner

We aim to promote humane behaviour towards animals around the world starting right here in Essex by providing appropriate care, protection, treatment, dietary needs and security for animals which are in need of care and attention because of sickness, mistreatment, abuse, poor circumstances or ill usage and to educate the public in matters of animal welfare and the prevention of cruelty and suffering among animals.

What we do at Hopefield Animal Sanctuary

Surrounded by Love

Hopefield Animal Sanctuary has been saving animals since 1983, we are based in Essex and currently care for over 600 sick, unwanted and mistreated animals. Our mission is to help animals in need and provide education and awareness for humane behaviour towards all animals around the world. Our animals live out their lives at Hopefield in peace, surrounded by love and receiving the best care.

Hopefield has continued to rescue horses and farm animals of all kinds, and over the years the type of animals we are taking in has greatly changed – we are now home to many types of animals including small animals, alpacas, reindeer, exotic animals and more! We have opened a reptile room and also taken in many exotic mammals including Raccoons, Tanuki, Marmosets, a skunk and many more as well as birds of prey.

The sanctuary is open to the public which is generating funds that go directly to the animals, making Hopefield’s future more secure so they have a home for life.

Hopefield is a proud member of the Essex community.