About our NGO partner

Lady Freethinker is a voice of compassion working to end cruelty to all sentient beings. We believe that with our voice and actions, we can evolve into a peaceful, compassionate, and flourishing world – for all species.

To achieve our mission, Lady Freethinker works tirelessly to educate the world regarding animal suffering and ignite change by investigating animal cruelty, exposing abuses, petitioning decision-makers for change, and taking an active role in changing animals’ lives for the better by aiding animal rescue organizations through grantmaking.

Our petitions have collectively gained over 20 million signatures, we have over 600,000 active subscribers & followers, and our investigations, petitions, and campaigns have made headlines worldwide.

Lady Freethinker is igniting a compassionate movement against animal abuse, achieving the highest-ever animal cruelty sentence in Chile. Recent campaigns have focused on the dog & cat meat trade, animal cruelty on social media, calling to end the use of animals in lab experimentation, abuse in elephant entertainment, and the horrors of puppy mills.

We are transforming the way the world treats animals – and we can do it together, with your support. Animals can’t speak out to tell the world of their suffering. But you can. Thank you for joining our passionate group of unafraid change-makers!