About our NGO partner

UOCEAN® 2050 is a pioneering, practical and B.A.M.E led non-profit charitable grass root solution that has an initial mission to stop ocean plastics globally.

What we do

Addressing the pervasive issue of marine plastic pollution

As a global organisation, we collaborate with a diverse range of stakeholders, including volunteers, individuals, communities, governments, educational institutions, and corporate entities, across 33 countries.

Our mission is to create a circular economy of sustainable practices that addresses the pervasive issue of marine plastic pollution in canals, rivers, beaches, and the open ocean. To achieve this, we employ innovative educational toolkits to bridge knowledge gaps and raise awareness about the root causes of climate change.

We also advocate for stronger laws to regulate plastic production, disposal, and to protect the oceans. Furthermore, we are committed to empowering marginalised and vulnerable communities by providing resources and support for their active involvement in conservation efforts. By working together, we aim to create a more sustainable future for our oceans and all life they support.

"Several years ago, I decided to take a sabbatical from my decade long career in the fashion and music industries to pursue a lifelong passion for sailing after realising the immensely damaging industry I had built my career around. During this time, I completed my Yacht-Master Captain certification and immersed myself in the beauty of nature. One morning, as I sat in deep meditation on the bow of a sailing yacht off the English Coast, I had a transformative experience. The sun was rising over the horizon, and dolphins were swimming gracefully in front of us. In that moment, I felt a shift in my energy as my eyes were closed and a deep connection to the ocean and all living creatures. I could feel the very sand beneath the boat and the water across my skin, lost in a moment of complete and utter silence, my life changed. I realized that I could no longer remain passive in the face of the harm being inflicted on the planet by the fashion industry, an industry I had been a part of for many years. I felt a calling to use my skills and experiences to bring about positive change and protect the ocean for future generations. Thus, the Vayyu Foundation was born. The word 'Vayyu' means 'The Wind' in Sanskrit, symbolizing the powerful impact that can be made through focused action. Since then, every step in this journey has felt like it was meant to be, with numerous opportunities and unexpected support presenting themselves along the way. Through the Foundation, I am dedicated to inspiring a new generation of ocean lovers, promoting ethical and sustainable practices such as plastic removal from the global waters, and making a positive impact on the planet. I am deeply grateful for the continued support I receive in this mission." - Chris Desai