Ventana Wildlife Society

About our NGO partner

At their wildlife sanctuaries in central California, ongoing efforts to save the California Condor in the wild are occurring every day, from releasing, providing life-saving treatment and advocating for their survival, the Ventana Wildlife Society sees a world in which endangered species thrive, and people are committed to their protection.

 The mission of the Ventana Wildlife Society is to conserve native wildlife and their habitats through science, education and collaboration. Having succeeded in restoring the Bald Eagle to the central coast, we envision a future where California Condors and other species will be well established and independent of our assistance.

 On behalf of California Condors and all wildlife trying to thrive alongside the human race, thank you for your support.

“I have always dreamed of combining my love of wildlife conservation, science, and film making into a single project, to educate, and inspire change. And for the condor, which is a classic Beauty and the Beast story, you have to get to know them, to fall in love, which was one of the aims of the film series”

Kelly Sorenson, Executive Director