The Civet Project is Working with Ecoflix!

Donate today and watch an array of inspiring films on the Ecoflix Channel showcasing the work of NGOs striving to save animals and the planet.

How it Works

Donate to The Civet Project and enjoy Ecoflix completely free for a whole year.
An annual donation of $47.99 (equivalent to approx $3.99 per month) to The Civet Project enables free access to The Ecoflix Channel for a year.
Your support could make all the difference to an animal in need.

Our donation program

The Civet Project Foundation’s mission is to promote the conservation and welfare of species within the Viverridae family, a highly enigmatic yet ancient family of small carnivores. We have partnered with Ecoflix so that when you donate to us you receive the streaming service completely free! Your gift will help us to help civets across their native range through research, outreach, and policy recommendations.