Ecoflix and Born Free: Two Founders. One Mission.

“Born Free is a remarkable organization, demonstrating in the best possible way how well-meaning individuals can truly make a difference in this world. 

I was a fan and supporter of Born Free for many years before I took on the challenge of fighting the Los Angeles Zoo.  My goal was, and still is, to try and free Billy, the bull elephant who has suffered there for over 3 1/2 decades. (Please see our original Ecoflix documentary Free Billy at

As a supporter of the Born Free Foundation, I had the good fortune to meet Will Travers decades ago.  We have since enjoyed time together in Los Angeles, London, and in Nairobi.

Given our ongoing friendship, and his immense expertise, I asked him if he would travel to Los Angeles to testify as an expert for Billy at the trial in that case.  I will forever be grateful to him for agreeing to do so. And as usual, he did an amazing job!

Since that time, we have each asked one another for assistance, and in return, provided each other with support of various kinds over the years.  Will is an Ecoflix Foundation board member, and still my very good friend. 

I have done my best to support Will and the Born Free Foundation financially. While he has been hugely supportive of my personal efforts to help save animals and of our Ecoflix philanthropic efforts worldwide. 

Together, we both recognize that we are making a difference by joining forces.  Specifically, we are both doing more, and better work, as a result of our great trust and partnership together. 

We at Ecoflix sincerely relish our opportunity to be a partner with Born Free, particularly at this extremely important and vulnerable time for our animals and the planet.

Thank you Will!

Thank you Virginia!

Thank you Born Free!!”

David Casselman – Ecoflix Founder.

“We’ve all had the pleasure of watching amazing wildlife and nature documentaries. Some tough and gritty. Some lyrical and poetic. Many featuring trusted voices like Sir David Attenborough, Chris Packham, and Gordon Buchanan. But how many times have we been taken to the edge of our seats, only to be left hanging? The shows ends, the credits roll, and we sit wondering, helplessly, what we can do to help.

That’s not the Ecoflix way! Ecoflix turns passive viewers into advocates, telling stories to stir the emotions, challenge, inspire, motivate and energise. Then, crucially, Ecoflix provides the toolkit to help us tackle the issues and make the world a better, kinder place. The natural world has never been in such a crisis. Climate change, the prospect of sixth mass extinction, habitat loss, pollution, animal exploitation, cruelty and suffering. They all have a single cause – but they all have a single solution: Us!

Our compassionate actions today can reverse the tide, turn despair into optimism, and will allow us to hand our beautiful, fragile, spinning planet, with all its myriad diversity, on to future generations with real hope in their eyes and wonder in their hearts. We can be the change. That’s why Born Free is proud to partner with Ecoflix.”

Will Travers OBE, Exec President & Co-Founder, Born Free Foundation