Ecoflix & Hopefield: A partnership that was meant to be.


The view from Hopefield:

When Ecoflix was first put on Hopefield Animal Sanctuary’s radar thanks to our wonderful Trustee, Leona Lewis, we instantly knew that this was a company that fully aligned with our own ethos and beliefs.

As well as the animal rescue and welfare side of what we do here at Hopefield, we also strive to help educate people on how to make better choices when it comes to all animals, birds and reptiles, as well as the environment as a whole.

Given that ‘Ecoflix was created to unite those who care about animals and the planet,’ this is the perfect collaboration and joining forces with such a like-minded company makes us very excited! We can’t wait to create content that will reach a wider audience thanks to Ecoflix, and in turn this will help educate even more adults and children when it comes to us all doing what we can to do our best by our planet.

Tuning in from Ecoflix:

Ecoflix was introduced to the amazing team at Hopefield Rescue Sanctuary via our lovely, shared ambassador Leona Lewis. Leona spoke to us so passionately about Hopefield that we were excited to meet Lianne and the rest of the incredible team.

When you visit Hopefield, you immediately get a sense of how special a place it is. It is beautifully maintained for the 500 animal lodgers who live there. Our favourite area is the ‘Shetland Village’ which has eye-catching stable ‘cottages’ complete with coloured doors and windowsfor the rescued Shetland Ponies to enjoy.

Every animal guest has an inspirational back story,and the Hopefield team know them all. Hopefield is a perfect example of the type of non-profit organisation Ecoflix wants to support and champion. The animals are loved and caredfor exceptionally well, and no animal is ever turned away. Hopefield also works very closely with local schools to help educate young people about caring for animals, and informing them that not all animals should be in the UK or kept as domestic pet.