The Civet Project

About our NGO partner

The Civet Project Foundation’s mission is to promote the conservation and welfare of species within the Viverridae family, a highly enigmatic yet ancient family of small carnivores.

Civets are some of the worlds most ancient yet most poorly researched small carnivores. What we do know is that civets are highly elusive, solitary, and nocturnal. They are integral to ecosystem health as seed dispersers and germinators.

Yet civets are also suffering in silence at the hands of global commodification. Civets are traded as exotic pets, as producers of the infamous civet coffee, as tourist photo-props, and as luxury meat. With populations in decline across their range, the time is now to raise awareness of their plight.

The time is now to recognise, protect and better understand these species before they quietly disappear from our shared planet for good. Your support helps us to help civets across their native range through research, outreach, and policy recommendations.