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Almost Ancestors

Lobos of the Southwest is thrilled to announce the creation of a short film, Almost Ancestors, to illustrate the parallel paths of displacement experienced by Mexican gray wolves (lobos) and indigenous peoples. Award winning filmmaker Brisind (The Doctrine of Recovery) created and directed the film. Several Hopi cultural advisors consulted to ensure cultural accuracy. 


Almost Ancestors
Parallels of displacement experienced by Mexican gray wolves & indigenous peoples. USA. Dir. Brisind

What Is Nature
Exploring perspectives on: What is nature? Holland. Dir. Tim Visser & Sander van Lersel

Logging Algonquin
Does logging belong in our modern day park? USA. Dir. Conor DeVries

8 Billions: We Are All Responsible
A message to humanity from the banks of the river Doce. S. America. Dir. Andrea Flores Urushima

An Earthly Ode to Teeyee
Development & urbanisation has taken its toll on the Yellow Wattled Lapwing Asia. Dir. Lokesh Mosale

The Backyard Bears
Human-Bear conflict with Black Bears in Lake Tahoe, CA/NV. USA. Dir. Riley McClaughry

Great Lakes Areas of Concern
Communities revitalize polluted waters. USA. Dir. David Ruck

Conserving Mountains
Wildlife conservation efforts in the state of West Virginia. USA. Dir Kaitlyn Leach

Creatures Of Kaleidoscope
Explore one of nature’s most magical creatures, the cuttlefish. UK. Dir. Hannah Jodie Alexander

Super tuskers and the remarkable humans preserving these iconic elephants. Africa. Dir. Ant Hoard

Eye of the Pangolin
The story of the poaching and illegal trade raging around the rare African Pangolin Dir. Bruce Young

Forest Song
Local children venture into the Budongo forest for the very first time. Africa. Dir. Molly Hackett

Gentle Mountain – The Foothills of the Alps
Biodiversity in the foothills of the Alps. Europe. Dir. Patrick Centurioni

Heroines of the Savannah
A study on the lives three African matriarchs. Africa. Dir. Eduardo Barrachina

Himalayas: Monitoring High Altitude Wildlife in Lahul & Spiti Valley
An insight into the conservation and management of the elusive species that live in the Himalayas.

Kalahari: Land of Secret Alliances
New science from world experts reveals that collaboration plays a major role in animal evolution.

Cult of the Natural History of Mexico (Culto a la Historia Natural de México)
A celebration of the biodiversity and ecological complexity in Mexico Dir. Miguel Angel Silicia

California Mountain Lions
California Mountain Lions delves into behaviors of mountain lions.USA Dir. T. Winston Vickers

Living with Snow Leopards: Dolma and Chodon
Exploration of a peaceful co-existence with snow leopards. Asia. Dir. Gayle Podrabsky

Mussel Grubbing
Explore the treasure hunt for freshwater mussels in the upper Sangamon River. USA Dir.Jason Lindsey

Ocean Guardians
The delicate balance between humans and marine life. USA. Dir. Selket Kaufman

On Grizzly Ground
Yellowstone grizzlies as seen by tribes, tourists, scientists & activists. USA. Dir. Kris Millgate

Jaguar Del Cielo
Protecting the apex predator, the Jaguar in Mexico. Mexico. Dir. Austin Alvarado

Rewildling the Riverbank
Can rivers be rewilded to protect rare species like the water vole? UK. Dir. Natasha Phillips

SCARS – Politics in the Big Blue
A compelling personal story of a life dedicated to studying Risso’s dolphins Dir: Karin Hartman

Searching For Sea Turtles In Grenada
Tagging sea turtles to end the devastating hunting season. Grenada. Dir. Dan Mele

Three animals living on the same reserve are connected through solitude. Africa. Dir. Aman Narula

Survival of the Sun Bears
An orphaned sun bear cub is rescued from captivity and must learn how to survive in the wild.

Tadpoles: The Big Little Migration
Four years in the making, journey with the western toad . Canada. Dir. Maxwell Hohn

Tears of a Rhino
A new perspective on, and the socio-economic realities of Rhino poaching. S.A. Dir. Sewela Mutileni

The Children of the Coral
This film highlights the actions of the young Coral Gardeners in Tahiti. Dir: Karim Mahdjouba

The Heartbeat: The Salmon and People Project
Connections between salmon and people in the Kenai Peninsula of Alaska Dir: Danny Schmidt

The Last Great Colony
The largest group of monk seals resist the harsh conditions to avoid extinction. Dir:César Armas

The Powerful Owl
A powerful, personal study of an Owl family. Australia. Dir. David Luff

The Shark with a Thousand Names
A rare story of peaceful coexistence between humans and whale sharks. Indonesia. Dir H Schmitt

Saving Littlejohn
Researchers work to save the Littlejohn Tree Frog in Australia. Dir. Mhairi Fenton

Until The Last Drop
A film about rivers, people, relationships and interconnectedness. Europe & N.America. Dir Ewa Ewert

Violet-A Polar Bear Story
Two female explorers track the progress of a young polar bear mom. Norway. Dir. Raymond Friesen



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